PEM Custom Prints and Framing

Support PEM by creating prints for your home or workspace from selected artworks in our collections and exhibitions. Choose from up to four sizes, printed at archival quality either on acid-free paper or coated cotton canvas that is stretched and ready to hang. If you would like to have your prints framed you can pick from a range of solid wood mouldings in a variety of styles. Framed or unframed your order will then be custom-made and shipped for delivery in three weeks or less.


Special Exhibition

Down to the Bone: Edward Koren

In creating the works in this exhibition, beloved New Yorker artist Edward Koren has described himself as a dramatist of the Anthropocene. His bemused and bewildered creatures, caught between fear and acceptance, occupy landscapes in which human culture has been fragmented and reduced to ruins. His hapless creatures suggest a profound realization of what is unraveling at their feet and speak to the folly of not caring for the environment that sustains us all.

Down to the Bone: Stephen Gorman

Gorman’s photographs in this exhibit were created in Kaktovik, Alaska – an Inupiat village in the embattled Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, sitting directly in the political, cultural, and environmental crosshairs of the Anthropocene. The polar bears in Gorman’s images are climate refugees facing extinction as the arctic sea ice they depend on for survival retreats at a rapid rate.


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