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Green Arya Tara sits gracefully upon her moon disc, lotus seat and enlightenment throne in her traditional posture of royal ease. The minute form of Amoghasiddhi Buddha, barely larger than the pupil of her eye, crowns the top of her tiara's central jewel. The serpent-devouring face of Kirtimukha is embellished on her neck choker, and a tiny square pendant bearing her own minute form hangs from a filigree chain between her breasts. Each decorative element of her jewelry is individually shaded, with a skillful use of background shadows creating a vivid impression of luminosity upon her pearls and finely embossed metal ornaments.

The central panel of her lion-throne shows the relief of a longevity vase full of amrita or nectar, which is sealed with the scrolling tendrils of a wish-granting vine. On either side of this vase are vertical panels that show the forms of two dancing goddesses, who each grasp the branch of a wish-granting tree with their upraised hands. Enhanced by shadows the throne's outer facade displays the symmetrical forms of the paired lions that guard each of the four sides of her throne, collectively representing the 'Eight Close Sons' or great bodhisattvas. In the panels on either side of these jeweled lions are the symmetrical forms of standing garudas, each of which devours a pair of entwined serpents. The plinth and lower steps of her throne are embellished with symmetrical pearl, scrolling tendril, lotus flower and petal motifs. The upper cornices are similarly decorated with rows of pearls and petals, with the scrolling roundels of its central cornice containing small images of swans, elephants and a deer.

This exquisite composition of Green Tara was painted by Devendra Man Sinkhwal in 2005, and took almost five months to complete, with only black, white and yellow-ochre pigments being used to create its vivid three-dimensional effect and sepia tonality.

© text by Robert Beer

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